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Protect Your Home with a Whole-House Surge Protector

Each electronic device in your home, from your HVAC unit to your large screen television, and high-tech audio equipment has a microprocessor. Without adequate protection, power surges can destroy these microprocessors, rendering your home electronics and/or appliances completely useless. The cost to replace each damaged device is much more expensive than installing a whole-house surge protector. […]

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Common Electrical Problems

Why do my lights flicker? This problem can be caused by several factors including plugging in an appliance that temporary draws more power causing the lights to flicker. Flickering lights are also often indicative of a defective or loose light bulb. If replacing or tightening the bulb doesn’t solve the problem, it is best to […]

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Whole House Generators: Powering on Demand

  Some dangers rear their ugly head without any warning, as we have already evidenced with the United States’ recent natural disasters, but knowing this – knowing that danger is around every dark corner of the world – doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t protect ourselves for its arrival. In fact, when we prepare ourselves […]

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